Children's Ministry

Ms. Dianna Distel is our Children's Director and Ms. Kathy Yost is our Children's Church Director. We use Answers in Genesis curriculum for our children's Sunday School classes as well as our Children's Church. We believe that the most important first step is to ensure that our kids have the basic foundation for what God's Word says and believe that the proper foundation is found in the book of Genesis.

K-2nd grade Sunday School class- Ms. Dianna Distel

3rd-5th grade Sunday School class- Ms. Brenda Eisenhower. 

Children's Church- Ms. Kathy Yost

VBS 2019 (Vacation Bible school) -The Incredible Race. One family, one race, one Savior. Looks like a lot of fun. Look for more info. Spring-2019.

VBS 2018 (Vacation Bible School) - Our Vacation Bible School this year will be Answers in Genesis's "Time-Lab." We’ll use words beginning with “C” to help us remember that Jesus, our forever faithful, loving, caring, promise-keeping Lord, has been with us always! 

1. Creation: Did you know the Son of God has always existed? We’ll talk about his existence before time and his activity at Creation.
2. Christophany: Big, cool word the kids will love learning that teaches the Son of God didn’t start as a babe in a manger but has been around forever, actively involved throughout history, including the Old Testament! They’ll study the biblical accounts of Abraham and Moses that show appearances of the Son of God to people before he came to earth.
3. Cross: Here’s when Jesus is actually given the name “Jesus.” And here’s where he lives, dies, and comes back to life. It’s the most epic historical account ever! Because of him, we can live forever, too! Although opportunities to present the gospel are provided every day, this is the day we’ll present the gospel in all its glory.
4. Clouds: After Jesus rose again, where did he go? He’s actively working on our behalf as he sits at the right hand of God the Father, interceding for us, protecting his Church, and preparing a place for his children! Wow!
5. Crown: We’ll end our tour through time at the new heaven and new earth, where Jesus and his children will live together in the most amazing place forever. Whatever your best day ever has been, a day on the new earth will blow it away!

Ms. Jade Young leads our 'Children in Action,' which is a missions discipleship organization for children in grades 1-5. There are Bible lessons & games each week as we learn about & pray for missions. C.I.A. meets Wednesdays at 6 PM!