Sermon Video

"What steps are you to take?" (Pastor Gene on 10-7-18)

Back to the Word:Revitalizing/Recapturing Prayer (2) (Pastor Eddie on 9-30-18)

"The Right Reflection" (Pastor Eddie on 9-23-18)

"Jesus in the House" (Mr. John Brown on 9-14-18)

"Back to the Word: Recapturing/Revitalizing Prayer" (Pastor Eddie on 9-9-18)

"GBC of Laodicea" (Pastor Eddie on 9-2-18)

"The Lord's Supper" (Pastor Eddie on 8-26-18)

"GBC of Philadelphia" (Pastor Eddie on 8-19-18)

"GBC of Sardis" (Pastor Eddie on 8-12-18)

"GBC of Thyatira" (Pastor Eddie on 8-5-18)

"GBC of Pergamum" (Pastor Eddie on 7-29-18)

Homecoming 2018 (Pastor Jerry on 7-22-2018)

"GBC of Smyrna" (Pastor Eddie on 7-15-18)

"VBS 2018" (Pastor Eddie on 7-8-2018)

"4th of July 2018" (Pastor Eddie on 7-1-2018)

"GBC of Ephesus" (Pastor Eddie on 6-24-18)

"Father's Day 2018" (Pastor Eddie on 6-17)

"The Seven Churches of Revelation" (Pastor Eddie on 6-10-18)

"A Walk through Philippians" (Pastor Mark Jones on 6-3-18)

Run the Race Right (Pastor Zach on 5-27-18) (Memorial Day Weekend)

Why Church Membership? (Pastor Eddie on 5-13-18)

After Easter, What Now? (Paster Eddie on 4-22-18)

After Easter, What Now? (Pastor Eddie on 4-15-18)

After Easter, What Now? (Pastor Eddie on 4-8-18)

"No Other King...Can Fulfill Scripture!" (Pastor Eddie on 4-1-18)

"No Other King... Could Give His Life for You to Gain Spiritual Life!" (Pastor Eddie on 3-25-18)

“No Other King... Could Give His Life for the Redemption of Rebels” (Pastor Eddie on 3-18-18)

"What If: Looking back in Victory" (Pastor Eddie on 3-11-18)

"What If: Victory Today. Defeat Tomorrow." (Pastor Eddie on 3-4-18)

"A Christian Resolution... True Repentance" (Revival w/ Guest Pastor Greg on 2-18-18)

"Ready for Revival" (Pastor Zach on 2-11-18)

"What If: Spiritually Prepared" (Pastor Eddie on 2-4-18)

"What If: A Change in Identity" (Pastor Eddie on 1-21-18)

"What If: A Changed Perspective" (Pastor Eddie on 1-14-18)