Sermon Videos

01.19.2020 1 John 2: 7- 14

01.12.2020 1 John 1:5 - 2:6 (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

01.05.2020 1 John (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

12.29.2019 "New Beginnings" (Pastor Ray Vallee)

12.22.2019 Galatians 4: 1-7 (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

12.15.2019 John 1:5, Isaiah 9:2 (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

12.15.2019 Katartizo Kids Special

Malachi 2:17 - 3:5 (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

Malachi 2:10-16 (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

Malachi 2: 1-9 (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

Malachi 1: 6-14 (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

10.13.2019 "Is God Enough?" (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

10/6/19 Thou Shalt Not Covet ~ Pastor Patrick Bottoms

9/29/2019 "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness" (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

9/22/19 Thou Shalt Not Steal ~ Pastor Patrick Bottoms

9/15/19 Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery ~ Pastor Patrick Bottoms

9/8/19 Thou Shalt Not Kill ~ Pastor Patrick Bottoms

"Remembering the Sabbath" Exodus 20: 8-11 (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

"Honor Thy Father and Mother" Exodus 20: 12 (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

8/18/2019 "The Third Commandment" (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

8/11/19 Keep My Commands ~ Pastor Patrick Bottoms

Thou shalt have no other gods before me ~ Pastor Patrick Bottoms

7/28/19 The Ten Commandments - Pastor Patrick Bottoms

"Imminent Return of Jesus" (Pastor Jerry Boylan)

07.14.2019 "2 Timothy - 2 1:14" (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

7.7.2019 "John 3: 16" (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

06.30.2019 "The Tower of Babel" (Pastor Patrick Bottoms)

06.23.2019 "In Every Garden, There Is Thorns" (Dr. Ralph Palmer)

06.16.2019 "A Christ Honoring Family" (Dr. Gerald Flury)

06.09.2019 "Turing Pain Into Purpose" (Pastor Dan Spacagna)

06.02.2019 "About Suffering" (Pastor Jim Rico)

5/26/2019 "The Way" (Pastor John Brandt)

5/12/19 The Lord's Prayer - Pastor Russell Steel

5/5/19 Who's in Control? - Pastor Jerry Boylan

4/28/19 "Being Kept" Jude 1:1-25 - Pastor Patrick Bottoms

4/21/2019 Romans 6: 1-13 (Dr. Gerald Flury)

4/14/19 Psalm 1:1-6 Pastor Brian Hagerman

4/7/19 Seeking the Heart of God - Pastor Adam Spacagna

3/31/19 "God's Will Is No Secret" (Pastor John Brandt)

3/24/19 Heart of Forgiveness - Dr. Gerald Flury

3/17/19 Pastor Brian Hagerman

3/10/2019 "The True Disciple" (Dr. Gerald Flury)

3/3/19 The Nature of God - Pastor Adam Spacagna

2/17/19 A Solemn Charge...Pastor Justin Bessler

2/10/19 The Judgement of God - Pastor John Brandt

2/3/19 Religion vs Relationship - Pastor Adam Spacagna

1/27/19 Finding True Joy - Pastor Jim Rico

01.13.2019 "Forgiveness" (Dr. Gerald Flury)

01.06.2019 "How Do You See the World" - Dr. Gerald Flury

12/23/2018 "The Spirit of Christmas" (Pastor Gene Smith)

12/9/18 Pastor Gene Smith - Overcoming Temptation

"Abiding in Christ- The Real Life" John 15 (Pastor Brian Hagerman Nov. 4th 2018)

"Unity in the Body of Christ " (Dr. Gerald Flury Phillipians 2: 5-11 Oct. 28th 2018)

"The Call to Love" (Pastor Eddie on 10-21-18)

Back to the Word:Revitalizing/Recapturing Prayer (3) (Pastor Eddie on 10-14-18)

"What steps are you to take?" (Pastor Gene on 10-7-18)

Back to the Word:Revitalizing/Recapturing Prayer (2) (Pastor Eddie on 9-30-18)

"The Right Reflection" (Pastor Eddie on 9-23-18)

"Jesus in the House" (Mr. John Brown on 9-14-18)

"Back to the Word: Recapturing/Revitalizing Prayer" (Pastor Eddie on 9-9-18)

"GBC of Laodicea" (Pastor Eddie on 9-2-18)

"The Lord's Supper" (Pastor Eddie on 8-26-18)

"GBC of Philadelphia" (Pastor Eddie on 8-19-18)

"GBC of Sardis" (Pastor Eddie on 8-12-18)

"GBC of Thyatira" (Pastor Eddie on 8-5-18)

"GBC of Pergamum" (Pastor Eddie on 7-29-18)

Homecoming 2018 (Pastor Jerry on 7-22-2018)

"GBC of Smyrna" (Pastor Eddie on 7-15-18)

"VBS 2018" (Pastor Eddie on 7-8-2018)

"4th of July 2018" (Pastor Eddie on 7-1-2018)

"GBC of Ephesus" (Pastor Eddie on 6-24-18)

"Father's Day 2018" (Pastor Eddie on 6-17)

"The Seven Churches of Revelation" (Pastor Eddie on 6-10-18)

"A Walk through Philippians" (Pastor Mark Jones on 6-3-18)

Run the Race Right (Pastor Zach on 5-27-18) (Memorial Day Weekend)

Why Church Membership? (Pastor Eddie on 5-13-18)

After Easter, What Now? (Paster Eddie on 4-22-18)

"No Other King...Can Fulfill Scripture!" (Pastor Eddie on 4-1-18)

After Easter, What Now? (Pastor Eddie on 4-15-18)

After Easter, What Now? (Pastor Eddie on 4-8-18)

12/30/18 Redeeming the Time - Pastor Gene Smith

"No Other King... Could Give His Life for You to Gain Spiritual Life!" (Pastor Eddie on 3-25-18)

“No Other King... Could Give His Life for the Redemption of Rebels” (Pastor Eddie on 3-18-18)

"A Christian Resolution... True Repentance" (Revival w/ Guest Pastor Greg on 2-18-18)

"What If: Looking back in Victory" (Pastor Eddie on 3-11-18)

"What If: Victory Today. Defeat Tomorrow." (Pastor Eddie on 3-4-18)

"Ready for Revival" (Pastor Zach on 2-11-18)

"What If: Spiritually Prepared" (Pastor Eddie on 2-4-18)

"What If: A Change in Identity" (Pastor Eddie on 1-21-18)

"What If: A Changed Perspective" (Pastor Eddie on 1-14-18)